10 Kick ass guitar players, who Kick ass


Often I would be driving long distances, after a long day of work, stuck in Dubai’s rush-hour traffic .. waiting to get home and just call it a night, but then, just as I drive up to my house after a gruesome 45 minute commute, that Pink Floyd song comes on and I know that David Gilmour is about to blow out a ripping solo, so whats another 5 minutes around the neighborhood?

Not all guitar solos are created equal! Some of them elevate a song to the point of no-return, some of them meh-them to the gournd. here are the 10 kick ass guitar players who, Kick ass!

10 – Kerry King

HA HA – Kidding, Kerry King sucks

10- Claudio Sanchez

Its that squeeky-voiced dude from Coheed and Cambria – He is, perhaps, one of the most underrated guitarists of our time. Its CRIMINAL! Reminicent of players like Gilmour, this man brings out the intensity of his lyrics through his solos and riffs – Claudio holds nothing back on his ‘Apollo’ albums – no filler, all killer!

9 – Tom Morello

Are those turn tables? do they have a DJ? I dont get it!! what are those sounds coming out of those ‘Rage Against the Machine’ songs? Thats Tom Morello for ya! and it happens once every 1.6 million years, when a guitarist comes out and creates his very-own sound that is instantly identifiable. In addition to his kick-assery in Rage Against the Machine, Tom Morello also has had some fine moments in Audioslave (remember them?), where he shells out some really groove-led riffs and melodically sweet solos!

8 – Dave Mustaine

Riff Master! Dave Mustaine is arguably one of the greatest guitar players that ever lived. I am ofcourse referring to his signature riffing style accompanied with his blistering solos. Not only is he a great player, he also picks great players to play WITH him. From the ‘now-Japanese-pop-sensation’ Marty Friedman, to the melodically brilliant Chris Poland – Megadeth songs sound like absolute Trail Blazers, knockin’ you down one riff at a time.

7 – Joe Perry

This man should be crowned the king of Rock n Roll ballads. Seriously, Joe Perry is the melody man, his riffs are supported by excellently written mini-solos. The man knows when to bring in the high-notes, and how to compliment Steven Tylers voice at the most opportune moments. Songs like ‘Its Amazing’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Cryin’ wrote the book on Rock n Roll ballads!

6 – Mark Knopfler

Money for nothing! Need I say more? the most recognizable riff in rock n roll! But thats not what really makes him great, its his majestic solo in ‘Brothers in arms’ that gets me to crank out that air-guitar, and close my eyes in emotional glory! Mark Knopfler can turly make a guitar weep!

5 – James Hetfield

Alex Skolnick called James Hetfield a ‘true guitar virtuoso’ – you know what, and I’m being totally bias here, he truly is. Hetfield is probably the best rhythm guitarist that ever lived! Not only that, but he’s a mean soloist when he wants to be. Yes, he doesnt have a chest-box of solos, but when he decides to whip one out, he surely makes it a stunningly beautiful one.

4 – Slash

It took over 5 guitarists to replace Slash in Guns n Roses, and they STILL dont have his sound. Lets Face it, Slash is 50% of the Guns sound, without him – we only have the Axl Rose solo circus. Slash doesnt just play solos, he creates moments .. think about that moment in ‘Dont Cry’ after the second verse when he just explodes into a guitar solo that make your knees weak, or the triumphant outro of November Rain. Say what you will, there is only one Slash, and he’s most likely never to happen again

3 – John Patrucci

If I had a dirham for everytime I air-guitared in pure joy to a John Patrucci solo, I’d have 164,300 dirhams. There is not much that can be said about this mammoth of a guitar player, because his playing does all the talking for him. One the first records I have ever put my hands on, was a cassette tape of ‘Scenes from a memory’ – John Patrucci truly takes us on an adventure, from start to finish … closing it all off with the eargasmic solo of ‘Finally Free’ at end of that album. The gold standard.

2 – The Iron Maiden Trio

I put the three of them because I don’t really know who plays what. They’re all great riffers, and theyre all great soloists – But i’ll tell you this, the first time I heard the intro to ‘No More Lies’, I had to stop the car to comprehend the awesomeness that bestowed itself upon me. Melody has always been Iron Maidens comfortable area, they have pioneered the whole concept of guitar harmonies and paved the way for the thousands of bands that came after them. Melodic Masters, top of their game until this very day.

1 – David Gilmour

The last 5 minutes of Pink Floyds  ‘Comfortably numb’, as performed at the Pulse concerts, are the most elevating, mindblowing, glorious, triumphant minutes in music history. David Gilmour can truly make a guitar tell a story, amplify lyrics and complete a song.  He is the backbone of Pink Floyds melodic strength, and the only axeman that makes a Fender Stratocaster sound like the greatest guitar ever built. He focuses on note selection and melody, rather than technical ability and speed. Best guitarist that ever lived, long live the king!


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