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The Hitch Hikers guide to: METALLICA


Throughout my 15 years as a Metallica fan, I have always had to put up with the cynics. The naysayers who always dismissed the notion of Metallica playing in the Middle East. I’d always say ‘You wait and see, Metallica WILL perform here!’

In mid September, Flash events had announced what many Arab fans have been waiting to hear for a very, very, very, very, VERY long time … METALLICA had finally set a date for the Arab world, they were finally coming  to our home turf! This was it: LIVE AND LOUD IN ABU DHABI.

So, to those who got tickets but arent very familiar with the mammoth nature of what theyre about to experience .. here are some tips to prepare:

First, How to pronounce the word ‘METALLICA’

Some say Mitaleka (what we refer to as 7afartal), some say Meteliceh (Kiwis and Austrailians), other says Meetalika (arabs). Friends, whenever you say ‘Metallica’, you have to show badass enthusiasm, the only way to pronounce the band name correctly is by separating the MET from the TALLICA. with an emphasis on the T. It should roll off your tongue as ‘METT-ALLICA’  .. go on, try it. METTALLICA. see? you feel like a badass already!

Whats the big deal? it just a rock band ..

Woww .. lets not get hastey and call Metallica ‘just a rock band’. These are the founders of the Sanfransisco Bay Area thrash movement of the early 1980’s. they challanged Hair Metal and came out victorious, that should count for something, right?

Not only did they sell well over 100 million records, Metallica is responsible for a generation of musicians that came after them – not just famous bands, but fellow amature musicians who picked up the guitar for the very first time because they saw James and co. rockin out!

What do I do the morning of the concert?

Ah, ofcourse, that is a very common question (no its not). You should wake up at around 11 and hit the gym. You need to get that blood circulated. Have an apple that morning, and water. This would serve as your best ‘last’ chance to revise your Metalli-Material. Make sure you know the lyrics by heart no later than 1:00 PM .. in time for lunch. have someone hear you repeat the lyrics over lunch.


Whats the best way to arrive at a Metallica show?

Metallica shows are usually a friendly/family affair! So its best that you go and drive out to Abu Dhabi with your buddies! Assemble your own entourage of Metalli-fans and arrive at the venue blasting Metallica music. dont be a douchebag and play songs from irrelevant bands .. like hiphop, pop or even other types of metal. Stick to Metallica, we’re all there for that festive occasion!

What to wear?

MANDATORY METALLICA T-SHIRT!! Its the official uniform for the show. also, denims and converse are advised! If you have a chain that you could dangle from your jeans, that would make you a certified badass. Elites could wear Harley t-shirts/Jackets – James Hetfield is a HOG, so he’d like that!

Will they play ‘Nothing Else Matters’?

SHUTUP! Who cares if they play that!! But here are a few gems you need to take note of:

– The Memory Remains: You’ve got to know the chorus to this because YOU WILL BE ASKED TO SING ALONG. Do not fail them, for every crowd in the world sing this song really, really loud!

– Master of Puppets: Hetfield wont be doing any chorus singing here … you better know the words!

– Wherever I may Roam: Look, 2 things you need to know about this song; the part where he says ‘I ASKED NO-ONE’ and ‘WHEREVER I MAY WANDER, WANDER, WANDER’ … James is gonna leave that up to the beautiful people of Abu Dhabi

– For whom the bell tolls: This Hitchcock inspired classic is a must! what you need to know are the words ‘Time Marches On!!’ right after Hetfield asks you politely ‘for whom the bell tolls?’

– Sad But True: “I’m Your dream, make you real” .. friends, you need to know this part by heart. Hetfield will ask you all if his Metallica family wants to sing with him, then he’ll get the entire audience to sing that line! DO IT!

– Seek and Destroy: Look .. James doesnt ask much of you, all he asks is you know these three small words. At the end of the concert, just before Metallica head back home, James will tell everyone to give ALL their energy to this one last song, and even if you dont know the words … just follow those who do. This is going to be a LOUD monster!

Other songs to look out for:

– Fuel

– Ride the Lightning

– Blackened

– Creeping Death

– One

– Fade to Black

– Welcome home

– Unforgiven

– Enter Sandman

– Am I evil

– No Remorse

– The four horsemen (ufff)

– Hero of the day

– All Nightmare long

– Broken, Beat and Scarred

– Turn the Page

– and Justice for all

– Frayed ends of Sanity (opening riff will be played at some point in the show)

– Battery

– Hit the lights

– FINE … nothing else matters

I advise you to get the DVD ‘Live in Nimes’, or ‘Live in Mexico’ – it would set the mood perfectly.

At what point do we get into a water fight?

WE DONT! This is Abu Dhabi, not the California Spring Break! take your water fights else where!!

Should we stay the night in Abu Dhabi?

Yas Island weekends are always memorable! so if you have the chance to stay in one of the hotels, then you should, by all means, do it! You’d get to enjoy both the concert AND a nice chillaxing time by the pool the next day! Yas Island weekends are hands down, the best thing to happen to weekends since the inception of weekends.

The most important thing in a Metallica show is to have a good time! This is a band that changed the history of music, sold millions of albums, inspired millions of musicians and wrote countless rock anthems – they are literally one of the biggest bands of all time. These Rock n’ Roll hall of famers will be loud, entertaining and the biggest damn concert you will ever see!