The essential ‘4.5-minute-guide’ to Guns n Roses in Abu Dhabi

alright .. so its no secret that I am a closet Axl Rose groupie (and everything Guns n Roses) – it also isnt a secret that my excitement cannot be contained with regards to the upcoming uber-awesome Guns n’ Roses show taking place in our very own back yard (Yas Island, Abu Dhabi) in 2 weeks.

So as a responsible rock citizen of the world, it is my duty to answer the FAQs .. that’s right, i get FAQs (Frequently asked questions) about who the hell is in Guns .. why should i care .. what are they going to be playing .. and where in the world is Slash!?

Without further babble .. here are the essentials:

Who is GnR 2010?

GnR was initially founded by one W. AXL ROSE in the late 1980s .. as he searched Hollywood for the perfect band, he came across a few musicians that would become the classic incarnation of Gun n’ Roses.

Mid 90s .. the boys started leaving the band (or were fired) for various reasons. Main reason was Axl Rose – the man had a vision, and it had to be met with or without the members. Slash left .. followed by Duff and Matt Sorum. Izzy quit prior to the ‘Illusion’ albums and Adler was straight up fired.

So who remains from the original lineup?


… thats it

as for the rest ..

Guitar – Ron Thal (lead guitar, also known as a shredder for his solo band ‘Bumblefoot’ – played and recorded on Guns latest Chinese Democracy)

Guitar 2 – Richard Fortus (been playing with Guns since 97, he replaced Izzy Stradlin – Played and recorded on Guns latest Chinese Democracy)

Guitar 3 – DJ Ashba (replacing a wide array of guitarists, most notably Slash. he formed Brides of Destruction with Motley Crue founder; Nikki Sixx)

Bass – Tommy Stinson (original bass player of rock outfit ‘The replacements’ .. been playing with Rose since 97. he replaced Duff – Played and recorded on Chinese Democracy)

Keyboards 1 – Dizzy Reed (been with GNR since the early 90s as part of the ‘classic’ lineup. he recorded on the Illusion albums and Chinese Democracy)

Keyboards 2 – Chris pitman (hes more of a backup musician and a new addition to the band – played and recorded on Chinese Democracy)

Drums – Frank Ferrer (a beast on drums replacing Matt Sorum and Brain Mantia .. who both played for GNR. been with Axl since 06 – Played and recorded on Chinese Democracy)


Yes, they will play the old stuff. I friggin guarantee it!! Axl likes to mix things up a little bit. Hes going to throw in a few new ones to help introduce the world to the current incarnation of Guns, he will also allow the other members a few solo spots and maybe a collective live-Jam session. but the dominating aspect of the set will come from the classic albums ‘Appetite for destruction’ (best rock album known to man) and ‘Use your Illusion I and II’.

Here are the songs I recommend you get into, as I guarantee you will know atleast 90% of the setlist if you know the following:

Welcome to the jungle

Mr. Brownstone


Chinese Democracy

Out ‘ta get me


Civil War

November Rain

Sweet Child O Mine

Paradise City


My Michelle

You could be mine

Rocket Queen

Live and Let die


Its so easy

Knockin’ on heavens door

Dont cry

Street of dreams

Go on iTunes and download these tracks .. burn em’ and make them your essential CD for the coming two weeks.

If you truly cant be bothered to download .. then get your hands on ‘Guns n Roses: Greatest hits” and a copy of ‘Chinese Democracy’. I do not guarantee itll be as awesome as my list, but you’d still get a good bunch of songs under your belt.


Going to GnR show means you need to look the part! the obvious thing to do is to dress up as Slash, which is highly and utterly unrecommended … if Axl spots you, he is likely to throw your ass out, hes known for throwing asses out.

So bring out your denims, and any band shirt you may have (unless its Velvet Revolver) – match those with that leather jacket you KNOW you want to wear but never had the right occasion to. Converse is a universal must .. but the ‘deal sealer’ is that bandana .. oh that sweet red bandana that takes you back to 1980 and will make you look like a complete douche, but its ok .. for one night, its all ok!

Will it start at 9 as stated?

Well, to put it simply: No chance, No way. Rose is known to being fashionably late like yours truly. So I would suggest you stick to your group of friends, get some Pop-eye chicken, maybe a ‘tableh’ and estimate atleast an hour delay before the mayhem begins.

I do suggest being there on time though, estimating by the amount of people showing up .. youre going to need a good spot. Plus, as Arabs .. we should be used to being late. Axl should feel right at home.

Why should I care?

Because Axl Rose is the most bad-ass vocal-monster to ever front a band .. and not any band, but one of the greatest rock bands in history. In a world filled with poser-wannabe rockstars, Axl Rose is the real deal … and one of the few remaining true rock stars out there today. Think the same league as Robert Plant, Mick jagger, Ozzy Osbourne and James Hetfield.

Also, this is the man responsible for some of the biggest sing-alongs in rock n roll .. especially Paradise City and Sweet Child o’ Mine. Not to mention the ‘larger-than-life’ Rock show they put on!

Get ready, and welcome to the jungle! Guns n’ Roses live in Abu Dhabi, December 16 – see you there friends

And Happy UAE national everyone!


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